200+ Android Multiple Choice Questions on various topics related to Android Development including Activities, Fragments, BroadcastReceivers, Notification Managers, Permissions, Layouts, SQLite, Permissions, Images, etc.

AAPT stands for ??

(A) Android Asset Packaging Technique

(B) Android Asset Packaging Tool

(C) Android Asset Provider Tool

(D) Android Asset Processing Tool

What is context in Android ??

a) It is an interface to store global information about an application
b) It is used to create new components
c) Android has two contexts, those are getContext() and getApplicationContext()
d) All of Above

What is asynctask in Android ??

a) task that runs in the background thread
b) task that runs in every thread
c) task that is designed to be executed only in activities
d) none of the above

What is resource in Android ??

a) it is used to handle API
b) static content and the additional files that your code uses
c) converts the code into APK
d) none of the above

What is Recyclerview in Android Studio ??

a) A view that shows items in a two-dimensional scrolling grid 
b) a view which groups several items
c) an advanced and flexible version of ListView and GridView
d) None of the above