Mobile Application Development MCQs. Multiple Choice Questions related to Mobile Apps Development. Android Components and Working.

Which of the following is incorrect about the LogCat tool ??

a. A LogCat view is available as part of the ADT plugin of Eclipse
b. You can create a log in your application using Log.v(String, String)
c. Each log message has a tag
d. Only one of your applications can create log entries, and it should be a component class (Activity, Service,…etc)

Which of the following is correct about the code below ??

Consider the following code

Intent intent = new Intent();

a. It sends a result to a new Activity in a Bundle
b. It will not compile without adding the INTERNET permission to the Manifest file
c. It starts any activity in the application that has a WebView in its layout
d. When it is executed, the system starts an intent resolution process to start the right