Blockchain MCQs. 60+ Multiple Choice Questions related to Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.

What is a hash function ??

A) A fork


(C) Takes an input of any length and returns a fixed-length string of numbers and letters

(D) Gas

What is a Dash Masternode ??

(A) Two nodes sharing resources

(B) A single node that runs the whole network

(C) A node that provides additional supervisory network services

(D) Master of all Dash nodes

What are sidechains ??

(A) Another term for a hash function

(B) Smart Contracts that have forked off the main Blockchain

(C) A parallel network running adjacent to the main blockchain network for additional security

(D) Any mechanism that allows tokens from one blockchain to be securely used within a completely separate Blockchain

What is a LiteClient ??

(A) Allows you to interact with the blockchain without downloading the whole blockchain

(B) A type of cryptocurrency

(C) A platform to develop dApps

(D) A server