Content Marketing MCQs. In this section you will find all the Multiple Choice Questions related to Content Marketing. All important and relevant Content Marketing Questions are available here.

Content marketing is not ??

A. A strategic marketing approach
B. Just another name for social media marketing
C. Focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content
D. Able to attract and retain a clearly defined audience

Which of the following is false ??

A. Knowing your customer’s intent helps you create content for the moments that matter
B. You must be ready to compare the value of Content Marketing with other marketing initiatives
C. Both A and B are true
D. Both A and B are false

Which of the following is true ??

A. You can leverage paid advertising to put your best content in front of the right target audience.
B. Before creating more social media platforms, B2C content marketers should make sure that they’re using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as effectively as possible.
C. To make your social media content an effective B2C marketing tactic, you should understand the unique characteristics of each social platform you consider working with.
D. All of the above